NeuroNet is a 'Reigns' inspired story-driven adventure where your choices will decide the fate of a cyberpunk city. As a new A.I, created to manage the city of Catena, you have the power to shape its future and its people. But where will your choices lead them, into prosperity or ruin?

Technology is amoral. It simply enhances the human experience. It makes our lives easier. It helps us better understand the world and ourselves. And through it, we find more efficient and effective ways of destroying ourselves.



Title: NeuroNet: Mendax Proxy

IP: NeuroSlicers

Genres: Adventure/Casual/Strategy/Management

Total Playtime: 10-14+ hours


PC (May 4th 2023)

iOS, TvOS, Android (Apr 2nd 2024)

Other Platforms (TBA)


In NeuroNet: Mendax Proxy, players take the role of Arc: an AI designed to manage the megacity of Catena, a future megalopolis on the verge of a new digital era. This new era will blur the line between reality and cyberspace through the implementation of a city-wide AR/Metaverse system called the "NeuroNet."

As Arc, they must bring balance to the city by helping its many citizens. The game focuses on the player's interactions with a broad cast of characters and the impact they have on these individuals' lives. In the end, their choices will shape Catena's future, bringing prosperity or ruin.

However, choices aren't always simple and can have long-lasting consequences that shape the story and relationships with the diverse cast of characters. As players progress through the narrative, they'll learn about the AI’s creators, the city of Catena and the sorts of issues its citizens are faced with. They will build relationships, form bonds and break them, provide counsel to some, adversity to others, and ultimately confront how humanity's reliance on technology can be both its saviour and downfall.

As a multiplatform title targeted at fans of story-driven adventure games, light strategy/management games, or those that enjoy playing various genres, NeuroNet is well-positioned to attract a diverse audience. This is further reinforced by its simple gameplay, which has been streamlined to maximize accessibility.